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This is a series of work responding to my experience on my wedding day and also to my married life.

Title: The Vow (pattern)
Medium(s): White board marker on paper
I created this pattern for my clay piece “The Vow” which is a response to my experience on my wedding day. This pattern involves key symbolic elements of a Chinese wedding such as the colour red, double happiness , double fishes, Chinese Knots, initials of my husbands’ and my first names, and some hollowed Chinese characters which forms a typical wish to new couples ‘百年好合’ ,meaning ‘to be happy together in a harmony for a hundred of years’. So this pattern gathers a number of the key elements which all have a good meaning to new couples.

Title: The Vow
Medium(s): Oven bake clay, gesso and acrylic paint

Title: Destiny
Medium(s): Nails, red yarn and acrylic paint on MDF board
Dimensions: 42 x 29.7cm

home  workprojectdestiny

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