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As a figurative artist, I specialise in drawing and painting people and I work in various mediums. I am happy to take portrait commissions, but I am not limited to portraiture as long as the subject matter is related to people or their lives and reflects precious values such as family and love.

If anything caught your eye, please contact me here to discuss your commission requirements.





Acrylic and Oil


My method of working during a portrait commission

Note: this approach may differ for non-portrait commissions

I will begin by meeting with the client informally in order to discuss the commission brief. During this meeting, we will discuss the type of image the client wants, where it will be displayed, its purpose, and any specific requirements. We will also discuss the size, medium, and lead time.

I typically work from photographs rather than from life, but it would be great if the client can sit for me for some pre-studies. However, this is not obligatory, as long as the client can find time to meet with me for a photo shoot. During the shoot, I will take many photos to capture the sitter's essence and environment. If it's a group portrait commission, the photo shoot process may take longer, as I will need to experiment with different compositions. I may need a second photo shoot if necessary.

No sittings are required after I begin working. I will show the client my pre-studies of faces and/or compositional studies, and they can choose their favorite. I won't show more until I finish the work. I will then show the client the final artwork or a photo of it, and ask for their feedback and any needed amendments.

The above is my general process for making a commissioned portrait, but I'm willing to adjust my approach to suit different clients. Anything can be discussed to achieve an agreement.

If it's not possible to have a physical meeting, I can work directly with photos provided by the client.

home  commission

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