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Sky Portrait Artist of the Year S10 2023

Episode 6
(Heat 5)
Sitters: Nigel Havers, Mishal Husain, Vanessa Kingori
You can always catch up on the episode on Sky Arts on Now TV if you haven't watched it!

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Me outside Battersea Arts Centre with my submitted self-portrait

Here is my final painting of Mishal Hussein, a British newsreader and journalist for BBC Television and BBC Radio. She is also one of the main presenters on BBC World News. She was a wonderful sitter and a great inspiration on the day! 

© Sky UK Limited.

I was extremely grateful and happy that Mishal chose my painting to take with her, it was the best outcome for me! She looked so beautiful and elegant. I hope I captured both her softness and strength simultaneously.

I was thrilled to be one of the three shortlisted artists in the episode. Thanks to all the judges and support from the public audience on the day.




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