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Yin Wang: Transcending

Private View
Thursday 20th June, 6pm to 9pm
Exhibition Runs
21st to 23rd June, 12 noon to 4:30pm
Art Academy London
Mermaid Court, 165a Borough High Street, London SE1 1HR

As an artist of the Chinese diaspora, my work serves as a conduit to maintain a profound connection to my cultural roots. It reflects the exploration of self, family, and homeland from various perspectives, including personal experiences, cultural influences, historical contexts, language and communication, as well as evolving societal norms.

The show features a diverse range of multidisciplinary works, particularly highlighting my journey of that exploration and peeling back the layers of familial ties against the backdrop of contemporary China's social landscape, using the theme of parting and separation as an entry point.  The exhibition begins with a series of small-scale mixed media paintings reflecting on specific scenes of me leaving my family, which should exist in my memories but strangely cannot be recalled or visualized. It then continues with sculptures that venture into exploring my familial relationships, influenced by distance, separation, and my evolving identity shaped by living in different societies. Finally, my quadriptych paintings elevate the theme of parting and separation from a personal experience to a societal level. They address various forms of separation within Chinese society, some of which have become social issues. The work explores themes such as empty nesters, left-behind children, drifters in big cities or abroad (like me), and Generation Z's gradual departure from traditional Chinese core values.




Installation View

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