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In China, there's a culture of intense competition, achievement, and hard work. My work explores a term called "involution," which has been widely used since 2021 in China to describe that cultural phenomenon. More specifically, "Involution" refers to the irrational and sometimes involuntary internal competition for limited resources or meeting high expectations, as well as a feeling of burnout.

In response to "involution," several new terms have emerged and gained traction on Chinese social media to describe different social reactions, including terms like "lying flat”, "letting it rot" and "45-degree life". These hot terms have sparked significant discussion throughout the country and serve as a profound reflection of China's deeply ingrained culture of intense competition. Having personally experienced this before coming to the UK, I can empathize with those currently facing these challenges. I believe it is crucial to shed light on this topic for the UK audience to gain a better understanding of Chinese society. Therefore, each painting in my show explores the social realities related to one of these terms.

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home  workprojectInvolution

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